Conference on the Future of Europe

Europe: Make it Yours !



Europe: Make it Yours!

The Conference on the Future of Europe has been a major promise of our political family to deliver change and transform the EU to meet today's challenges. After careful preparation, this landmark democratic exercise kicked off on 9 May 2021 (Europe Day) with an open an inclusive debate with more than 400 million Europeans about the future of our Union. Renew Europe is committed to bringing the discussion to all corners of the EU and consult with the widest possible audiences!

Join us to discuss!

70 years of European integration brought peace, prosperity and security for the continent. As we emerge from the pandemic, it's time to take stock of where we are and where we want to go together in the coming years. Topics of major importance need a thorough discussion where fresh ideas can emerge, arguments for and against change can be debated. In a series of online and in-person events we will invite you to discuss with our MEPs about your ideas and suggestions on:

  • Climate change & Environment

  • Health

  • Economy, job & social justice

  • The EU in the world

  • Values & rights, rule of law, security

  • Digital transformation

  • European democracy

  • Migration

  • Education, culture, youth and sport

We are here to listen, collect your suggestions and transmit the best ideas to the plenary of the Conference. It's a unique moment to shape the future of Europe together. Make it yours!


The official online platform is designed to host an inclusive debate galvanizing participatory democracy. The input collected will feed into pan-European citizens' panels and the plenaries of the Conference. Everyone in Europe can now share their ideas and comments, organise and attend events via