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COP or FLOP? Renew Europe is stepping up on climate action!

  • Renew Europe supports the commitment of the EU Council to take a strong stance at COP27.

  • In the past years we have not achieved enough

  • The energy crisis, the effects of climate change that are more strongly felt worldwide as well as the fact that we will not reach the Paris climate goals if we do not do more, is reason to step up our game

  • EU needs to take green leadership globally

  • We need to help other countries start their green transition.

COP27 Resolution

In September, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on COP27 in which we demand:

  • To close the emission gap to achieve the ambition to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees

  • All countries need to play their part but especially major emitters are urged to set up robust and ambitious CO2 – reduction policies

  • All countries to update their national emission pledges and for the major emitters to set up robust and ambitious CO2 – reduction policies

Renew Europe MEP Chair of the ENVI committee
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Protecting our planet means protecting our future.

We are committed to act immediately in order to protect the health of our environment and our children, and we can do this while also providing new opportunities.

We should be guided by the science. We have the means to address this crisis, and we can do so while protecting our citizens' livelihoods.

100 reduction of CO2 emissions by 2035

Being green doesn’t mean being gloomy. A more sustainable Europe will mean better health and standards of living for all Europeans. We must however do everything it takes to reach climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest.

We take responsibility for future generations, where some doubt the need to act, and some spread fear, we preserve the environment, improve public health and build a sustainable economy now.

How are we taking action ?

We are fully committed to the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and now it is time to deliver on them. We have successfully pushed for an ambitious EU climate law with effective instruments that raises the targets for EU greenhouse gas emissions to at least 57 % by 2030 and reaches net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

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For us, the ecological transition goes hand in hand with delivering economic prosperity and societal fairness. We work for a transition that fosters innovation and provides opportunities for value creation and higher living standards in all corners of the Union in a way that is fair and just. We strive for more free and fair trade agreements that secure jobs in Europe and export our standards and values. We make sure the EU delivers on its ambition to tackle the new challenges ahead.



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