Sinkevičius convinced Renew Europe with an ambitious plan for Europe’s Environment and Oceans



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Renew Europe MEPs from both parliamentary committees, the Committee on Fisheries (PECH) and the Committee on Environment (ENVI), drew a positive conclusion from today’s hearing with Commmissioner-designate Virginijus Sinkevičius. After the three-hour hearing, Renew Europe MEPs highlighted that Sinkevičius presented an ambitious plan for his portfolio and showed real commitment to more sustainability.

Sinkevičius stressed, among other things, the need for an effective implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy and his willingness to address its shortcomings. He agreed that origin traceability for fishery products will enhance consumer protection and ensure a level playing field.

Pierre Karleskind, Coordinator of the PECH-Committee, said:

“We appreciate the fact that he is willing to ensure a sustainable fishery dealing with competitiveness, social issues, attractiveness and environmental objectives. He promised he would visit coastal communities as often as he can, to ensure a good relationship between European decision makers and these communities is crucial.”

Chris Davies, Chair of the PECH-Committee, commented:

"He is young and new to the brief, but in his answers he showed strength and resolution. It became obvious that he has a firm commitment to the principles of sustainability. He has the potential to be an outstanding Commissioner who could make a real difference for the better.”

Renew Members were also pleased to hear about his pledge to better tackle deforestation by improved labelling and creating a deforestation-free supply chain, his support for an increased budget for a biodiversity strategy, his commitment regarding endocrine disruptors, as well as his zero-tolerance approach towards those Member States, which do not comply with EU environmental rules.

Nils Torvalds, Coordinator of the ENVI-Committee, said:

“Sinkevičius showed a lot of commitment and in doing that, he made a good general impression. If he fails to deliver on his promises, we will come back to those issues during his mandate.”

Pascal Canfin, Chair of ENVI-Committee, added:

“I look forward to working with Mr. Sinkevicius as Commissioner for the Environment and Oceans. I welcome the fact that he has made strong commitments regarding the need to promote a deforestation-free supply chain and the prohibition of endocrine disruptors in toys, cosmetics and food contact materials.”


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