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Valerie HAYER

Renew Europe ready to build a pro-European coalition to modernise the European Union, if our ambitions are matched

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Following the announcement of European election results across Europe, the liberal and centrist…
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PR Anti right movement

Renew Europe sounds the alarm on the growing threats from anti-rights movements

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The EU is facing increasingly coordinated attacks on its democratic rights, particularly targeting…
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Interference landscape

Far-right is undermining European democracy and poses serious threats to our security

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Appalled by the credible allegations that Members of the European Parliament were paid to…
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Your voice in Europe

We are the pro-European political group in the European Parliament fighting for your freedom and civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs.
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Promoting European Values

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Investing in a sustainable future

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Creating a thriving economy and opportunities for all

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A stronger Europe in a changing world

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