WEBINAR: Covid-19 and the management of ‘superspreaders’: Lesson learnt from Ischgl

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While researchers are still trying to learn more about the propagation of Covid19, evidence suggests that so-called superspreader-locations such as Ischgl, Mulhouse and co. have a strong impact on the spread of the virus. According to current findings, around 11.000 EU citizens were directly infected in the ski-resort of Ischgl. 27 people died. From the ski-resort, the virus spread to countless EU-countries, thus accelerating the propagation of the coronavirus... How did this happen? And how can such a scenario be prevented in the future?

In the first panel, we will try, together with investigative journalists and researchers, to understand how Ischgl could turn into a „ground zero“ of the spread of the coronavirus in Europe. A second panel of representatives of the European Commission and the ECCD as well as national experts will discuss and assess the measures and mechanisms that exist at EU-level to contain the spread of cross-border threats and identify shortcomings.

Opening remarks MEPs Charles Goerens and Claudia Gamon

Ischgl and the Mechanisms behind ‘Superspreaders’

  • Jakob Winter, Journalist, Profil
  • Dorothee von Laer, Virologist, Medical University of Innsbruck
  • Sonali Chowdhry, Economist, Kiel Institute for World Economy

How to manage ‘Superspreaders’? Lessons learnt

  • John F. Ryan Director, Directorate-General for Public Health and Food Safety, European Commission
  • Andrea Ammon, Director, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
  • Franz Allerberger, Head of Division, Public Health, Austrian Institute for Health and Food Security (AGES)
  • Claude P. Müller, Immunologist, Luxembourg Institute of Health

Closing remarks MEP Charles Goerens

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