Innovation for a Sustainable European Agriculture and Food system - Best practices

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SM Seminar Sustainable Agriculture

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The European Green Deal sets the framework for an ambitious yet necessary effort to tackle climate change. To achieve the objective of a climate neutral land sector in 2035, the agriculture and food system in Europe needs a boost in innovation in order to use available natural and human resources in the most efficient way.

While on the political level a series of legislative acts are being drafted, negotiated and decided upon, in the real world many examples exist of how to best use technological and process innovation to drive the change in the Global Food system. As a major investor in research and innovation, the EU is poised to be a global leader in creating sustainable food and agriculture systems in the face of climate change.

This seminar aims to present several of these initiatives, from all over Europe and beyond. Drawing from these best practices, liberal Members of several Parliament Committees will discuss with the experts and identify the way forward to promote innovation in tackling climate change.

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Introduction by MEP Ulrike Müller

Expert Presentations (15 min each):

  • Enock Chikava (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation): From climate change to consumer food preferences: adapting research to today's challenges

- Introduction by MEP Ulrike Müller

  • Mogens Hovmuller (Arhus University) / Dr. Mandefro Nigussie (CEO Ethopian Agricutural Transformation Agency): Global collaboration for the prevention of wheat rust

- Introduction by MEP Martin Hlavacek

  • Juso Joona (Baltic Sea Action Group): Carbon farming in practice - mitigating climate change and improving food security

- Introduction by MEP Elsi Katainen

  • Radoslav Bonk (NitroTerra Technology): Bacterial fertilizers, input savings and soil health

- Introduction by MEP Martin Hojsik

  • Derek Norman (Leap by Bayer): How paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences can change the world for the better

- Introduction by MEP Asger Christensen

Q&A session

Conclusions by MEP Ulrike Müller

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