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MEP Martina Dlabajova and MEP Morten Lokkegaard and the Renew Europe group are inviting European businesses for high-level panels, thematic roundtables, SME masterclass and informal exchanges offering a forum to share concerns, expertise, solutions and recommendations on what can EU do better to support SMEs and businesses.

  • 7 June afternoon - devoted to SMEs with a Networking reception in the evening
  • 8 June morning - devoted to all businesses

Hotel accommodation will be provided by Renew Europe for 7th June

Renew Europe political family is distinguished by the attention it gives to the competitiveness, growth, green and digital transitions of our European industry and especially to our SMEs. We believe that EU companies carry many solutions of the challenges we are currently facing, and therefore it is of utmost importance to hear their concerns, expertise and suggestions when it comes to European regulatory framework within which they are operating in order to make European industry more competitive.

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Event Agenda


Small & medium size businesses in the changing environment

(Wednesday 14:00 - 19:00)

14:00-14:30 Introduction

14:00-14:15 - Opening speech by Renew Europe MEP M. Dlabajova

14:15-14:30 - Keynote speaker

Are SMEs fit for twin transition? Does the current SME Regulatory framework ensures and facilitates it? What about the administrative burden? Do financial opportunities provided for SMEs balance out the administrative burden?

14:30-15:15 Panel discussion

14:30 – 15:15 Panel discussion: administrative burden for SMEs

- The use of SME test and SME definition

- Is the legislative environment fit for SMEs?

- Concrete ideas what needs to be improved and how?

- Are SMEs fit for administrative requirements of twin transition? What could and should be done to improve the situation?

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break I

15:45-17:15 Roundtables

15:45-16:30 - Access to finances for SMEs

  • Different EU funds available for SMEs - Yes, but!
  • State aid as a measure during crisis only
  • Other financial instruments
  • Limitations to access the financing
  • Availability of clear and easily accessible information
  • Is the EU investing in its SMEs enough taking into account that they represent 99 % of all companies in the EU?

16:35 – 17:20 Making transfer of ownership of SMEs viable and prosperous

Buying an existing company is often a more advantageous alternative to starting a business. It is estimated that every year, around 450,000 SMEs change ownership affecting more than 2 million employees. However, in a third of cases the transfer is not successful and, as a result, Europe loses around 150,000 enterprises and 600,000 jobs. The reasons are often lack of early preparation, difficulty in finding a successor, and unfavourable tax and regulatory measures. What is lacking in order to make the transfer successful? What can EU do to support it at national as well as EU level?

17:20-17:50 Coffee Break II

17:50-19:00: Masterclass

- Specialised masterclass for SME with interactive presentation of case-studies from various territories in Europe which have successfully developed an SMEs-friendly environment.

Concrete examples of the best regulatory, financial, legal and organisational practices in cooperation with subnational representatives from the Renew Europe group of Committee of the Regions.

19:00 Closing remarks

19:30 Networking reception for all participants and RE MEPs



From regulation to business opportunities: key challenges of EU industrial, green and digital transitions

in a changing world

Thursday 8th of June

9:00 - 13:00

9:00-09:30 Introduction

09:00-09:10 - Opening speech by Renew Europe VP M. Lokkegaard

09:10-09:30 Keynote speaker

Regulations and impact assessments

Key achievements on better regulation and fair competition over the past years

The challenges ahead: green and digital? transitions - new opportunities or new restrictions?

09:30-10:30 Panel discussion:

How to conciliate regulation and competitiveness?

The citizens’ demand for a faster response to climate change as well as the incredibly fast digital innovations have led EU decision-makers to adopt game-changing measures in the past few years. However, the extent and number of reforms and the speed of their adoptions has also created business concerns and competitive challenges. Is EU regulation taking into account the various challenges our businesses face and if so, how? Are the impacts on our global competitiveness and market dynamism always taken into account? How can one better regulate to match both businesses and citizens’ demands?

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:45: Roundtables

11:00-11:50: Roundtable: “How to make the EU greener while keeping businesses dynamism?”

This roundtable is meant to provide insights on the impact on businesses of the various environment and energy measures and regulations. European Green Deal, Fit for 55 package, piled up with national regulations answering various energy mixes throughout Europe complemented by a call for even stronger regulation from the civil society... Has anyone measured the cumulative effect of all these regulations on a single enterprise? What about new reporting obligations that come along with the new requirements? How do businesses adapt to these new regulations?

11:50-12:40 Roundtable- Digital economy- from the Far-West to overregulation?

DSA, DMA, Data Act, DGA...Under the influence of a strong consumers’ demand, privacy concerns and increased international competition, digital regulation has undergone a substantial increase over the past years. How does it affect EU-based companies? What are they expecting? Is this regulation harming EU Players in the global competition?

12:45 Closing remarks

Conclusion by Renew Europe MEPs M. Lokkeggard

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