Mindless scrolling | How social media gets you and your kids hooked?

European Parliament, Brussels | room PHS 7C50 & LIVESTREAMED

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Mindless scrolling landscape

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The last decade has seen an exponential increase in the use of social networks and online platforms, a phenomenon that was accentuated by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

These platforms base their business model on algorithms that include elements that generate addictive internet behaviours.

The technological addictions (TAs) are a set of disorders that accompany the technological advances that define the digital age.

These addictions can generate psychological or behavioural dependence and make those who suffer from them, even more vulnerable. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon. Online platforms look the other way and do not want to address it, but the fact is that some of their products trigger such addictions, and it is a growing phenomenon.

In other areas, those who market potentially addictive products report it. Platforms do not consider doing so. That is why we propose to hold this conference, with a multidisciplinary approach, to encourage debate, research and propose ways to tackle this issue. We would like to have experts from academia on technological addictions, representatives of civil society, online platforms and the Commission, always with the aim of better understanding this epochal phenomenon and outlining possible solutions.

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10H00: Introduction by MEP Dragos Tudorache

10H05: Keynote intervention by Vera Jourova, Commissioner, European Commission

10H20: Panel 1: roundtable discussion. Addictions to social media: How to combat them?

Introduced and moderated by MEP Dragos Tudorache

  • Liesbeth Allein, specialist in social media processing, natural language processing and fake news detection, KU Leuven
  • Oriol Esculíes, Representative from the association Proyecto Hombre, expert on technologies and addictions

Q&A session

11H00: Panel 2: roundtable discussion. The role of online platforms in tackling addictions. Introduced and moderated by MEP Susana Solís

Q&A session

11H50: Concluding remarks by MEP Maite Pagazaurtundúa

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