Renew MEPs on mission to Spain to investigate unsolved murders perpetrated by ETA

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The European Parliament has made an official visit to Spain this week to seek answers regarding the 379 unsolved murders perpetrated by the terrorist organisation ETA. The delegation included Renew Europe MEP's Vlad Gheorghe and Maite Pagazaurtundua.

Ten years after the cessation of terrorist activity came to an end, many painful chapters remain without answers, including the hundreds of unsolved murders for which a perpetrator has never been convicted. This legal injustice must be corrected, and any attempt to legitimise ETA's indefensible activity must be prevented.

"It is essential that the European Parliament analyses this unacceptable situation, which continues to burden hundreds of families", explained Maite Pagazaurtundua (Spain), Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties and the former President of the Foundation for the Victims of Terrorism. From her position in the Foundation, Pagazaurtundua worked tirelessly with other victim’s groups to bring these cases to light, advocating for a formal investigation and review of cases by the Prosecutor's Office of the Spanish High Court.

Gheorghe Vlad (Romania), Member of the Committee of Petitions, said:

There is no way to bring back those who were killed by the ETA terrorist organisation, but we should spare no effort in bringing justice in the name of those who lost their lives. Even after the mission is over, the European Parliament will continue following this issue, until those cases are resolved. Let us be very clear: a united Europe has no tolerance for terrorists, extremists, genocides and crimes against humanity and we will not stop until all criminals are punished.

The Parliament's mission heard testimonies from victims of ETA, victims’ organisations, judges, prosecutors, and the institutional and police officials involved in the fight against the terrorist organisation.


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