Proposal for collective countermeasures as part of a new EU hybrid toolbox

A much-needed modernization of European response to hybrid threats

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Re ne w Europe calls on all EU institutions and me mbe r states to mode rnise responses against new threats. In a new EU hybrid toolbox, the Union should be able to re spond quickly and e ffectively to new thre ats. Re new Europe be lieves collective countermeasures must be part of that toolbox.Re sponses in solidarity by injured and non-injured states will influence the current calculus of low cost, low risk and high re ward of our adv ersaries and in doing so, shape a re newed and strong posture for the EU.Such colle ctive countermeasures are possible through acontemporary inte rpretation and implementation of the international legal framework. Growing aggression in the grey zone make such an approach politically and le gally impe rative.The EU must build on the momentum of the Strategic Compass and of the Conference on the Future of Europe to innovate and increase its ge opolitical footprint through solidarity among M e mber States and allies.

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