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We have always been a pro-trade group that believes in open, rules-based, sustainable, fair and assertive trade. This is our DNA. Trade generates prosperity, creates jobs and offers growth opportunities to businesses. It is vital to the EU economy.

Since the beginning of this mandate, we have been committed to strengthening the EU trade toolbox to achieve a level-playing field and ensure our open strategic autonomy. We have led the creation of several instruments in order to ensure fair and reciprocal trade relations and fight against coercive measures, distortion and unfair competition. We have established strong rules to protect the environment and human rights.

Our action will not stop there. In a uncertain global context, with the consequences of the pandemic and Russia’s illegal and unjustified aggression in Ukraine, we have to enhance our resilience by reducing our dependencies and diversifying our supply chains.

While some parts of the world are falling back to protectionism, Renew Europe will continue to promote multilateralism, to push for an ambitious New Generation of Partnerships in the World Act and to work on modern trade agreements with strong sustainable development chapters. We will continue to use trade to shape a world in which our values and standards, such as human rights and sustainable development, are permanently anchored.

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