Forced sterilization of trans persons; a tortuous practice standing in the way of self-determination

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Following the recent presentation of the new EU LGBTIQ strategy 2020-2025, this webinar will explore the still prevailing practice of forced sterilization on trans persons in the EU and the way forward to ensuring self-determination.

The new LGBTIQ Strategy aims to put in place accessible gender legal recognition legislation and procedures based on the principle of self-determination and clearly target harmful practices, such as forced medicalisation of trans people. However, six EU countries continue to demand sterilization as a requirement for gender reassignment, in clear violation of human rights and the ECtHR jurisprudence.

This webinar will bring together Commission, lead experts as well as trans persons to provide for a fruitful discussion.

RENEW EUROPE should take up this initiative to further strengthen its position as the human rights champion who will fight for LGBTIQ rights all over the Union and beyond.

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