Renew Europe: Proteins are an essential element of food security

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The European Parliament will today vote on the European Protein Strategy.

Rapporteur Emma Wiesner (Centerpartiet, Sweden) explains its importance:

‘Proteins are a key part of human health, animal nutrition as well as the European agri-food sector. However, due to a variety of market and climatic factors, European protein crop production is not sufficient to cover the growing demand. To strengthen Europe’s food security, we need to diversify and boost our protein production, and this strategy highlights measures that will do just that.’

The European Protein Strategy aims to increase the EU production of plant-based proteins, and to diversify our protein sources. Its focus is on research and innovation taking into account national plans, practices, individual needs and agronomical circumstances, but also the fact that the sector is dependent on sustainable and affordable inputs such as energy, plant materials, fertilisers and a less heavy regulatory burden.

The need to realise the economic and environmental potential of plants in the EU is generally accepted in the European Parliament, but some elements are politically sensitive, touching on trade flows with third countries or on symbolic issues, such as insect farming.

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