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renewcontaining “renew”.
renew europecontaining both “renew” and “europe”.
renew OR europecontaining either “renew” or “europe” (or both).
renew -europecontaining “renew” but not “europe”.
"renew europe"containing the exact phrase “renew europe”.
*ewcontaining a word that ends with “ew”.
*ene*containing a word that contains “ene”.
title:renewwhere the title contains “renew”.
title:renew title:europewhere the title contains both “renew” and “europe”.
title:renew OR title:europewhere the title contains either “renew” or “europe”.
title:renew -title:europewhere the title contains “renew” but not “europe”.
title:"renew europe"where the title contains the exact phrase “renew europe”.
title:*ewwhere the title contains a word that ends with “ew”.
title:*ene*where the title contains a word that contains “ene”.
title::renewwhere the title is exactly “renew” and nothing more.
title::"renew europe"where the title is exactly “renew europe” and nothing more.
title::renew*where the title begins with “renew”.
title::*europewhere the title ends with “europe”.