The Presidency consists of the Group's President and Vice-presidents.


The Bureau is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Group, the leaders of all the Renew Europe National Delegations, the Renew Europe Members of the EP Bureau and the Renew Europe chairs of Committees.

Task forces

Task forces are informal groups, already in place since 2019, steering a general topic. They work flexibly and collectively. They rely on the Secretariat Units for campaigns, networking and parliamentary work.

Rule of Law

Objectives: to lead the fight for rule of law; to use all the levers at our disposal to end illiberal and autocratic drifts.

Recovery and Resilience Facility

Objectives: to influence the Commission and Council decisions; to closely monitor the implementation of recovery plans.

Renew for Equality

Objectives: to defend the LGBTIQ rights; to actively participate in prides; to launch political initiatives (e.g. freedom zones).

Conference on the future of Europe

Objectives: to integrate citizens to our decision-making; to influence its work and conclusions to make it a success; to organize multiple events.


Objectives: to put SMEs at the center of the EU’s agenda.


These Renew Europe MEPs are responsible for coordinating the work of the Renew Europe Group within their parliamentary committees.