Le Conseil européen doit adopter un nouvel accord ambitieux sur la compétitivité européenne avec les citoyens et les entreprises en son cœur

Auteur : Catherine Laurence Martens-Preiss

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Competitive edge landscape

In a letter to European Union Heads of States of Governments, the President of Renew Europe, Valérie Hayer, has called for an ambitious new European competitiveness deal to be agreed at this week’s Special meeting of the European Council, to relaunch this agenda for the full benefit of EU citizens, businesses and industries in all sectors, in particular to deliver real progress on a Capital Markets Union.

The Renew Europe family intends to make the prosperity and competitiveness agenda a pillar of the next mandate of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Warm words and long recycled plans must come to fruition, as our competitiveness is central to our ability to finance European solutions to the challenges that our citizens and businesses face.

Renew Europe has prepared a position paper to contribute to this objective and to Mr Mario Draghi’s report. It calls, amongst other things, for the establishment of a Commissioner for Enforcement to harmonise EU rules, especially in the digital sector, or an SME Empowering Package designed to facilitate access to capital and reduce regulatory burdens, thereby fostering a business-friendly environment.

President of Renew Europe, Valérie Hayer, said:

"We call on EU leaders to agree an ambitious new European competitiveness deal. Falling competitiveness is an alarm bell that cannot be ignored. This is not the time to limit our ambitions. Real progress is needed on the economic reforms that are necessary to deliver increased competitiveness and prosperity for EU citizens. Warm words and long-promised strategies need to be translated into action, in particular on the Capital Markets Union. Without better-integrated capital markets, it will be more difficult to adequately invest in the growing priority list of the Union, from security to climate change."

Note to Editors: Please read here President Hayer's full letter and here our position paper.

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