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Purpose of the network

Renew Europe stands for women’s rights, the promotion of equality and equal opportunities and the removal of all forms of violence and discrimination based on gender. To achieve these goals, Renew Europe acts at legislative level to counter the backlash against women’s rights both globally and within the EU, integrate the gender perspective in all policies of the European Union and to pursue an upward harmonization of women's rights between the Member States.

Although improving and innovating the European legislation is crucial to ensure women’s rights, the most powerful accelerator for equality are the women themselves able, with their networks, to pool different experiences, exchange best practices and support women's leadership to put forward their vision of Europe.

What we do

Renew Women Network gathers MPs, regional and local representatives, advisors belonging to our political family to:

Foster an in-depth and permanent reflection on the future of the European Union through Renew women's vision to contribute to shape the European Union on 2024 and beyond;

Promote Renew achievements obtained along the mandate to strengthen among citizens, especially women, the European belonging feeling and transmit at regional and local level the benefit Renew brings to every day citizen's life.

Establish a permanent inter-institutional cooperation among Renew women at European level enabling to accelerate the implementation of the European legislation and Renew political initiatives such as the Simone Veil Pact at national, regional and local level.



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