Western Balkans Roundtable

Bringing together partners from the Western Balkans with key Members from Renew Europe Foreign Affairs team



The Renew Europe Group regularly brings together representatives from partner parties in the Western Balkan countries, civil society actors and key members of the Renew Europe Group and EU officials.
This year the Roundtable is held online, due to the sanitary conditions and takes place on Wednesday 8 December.

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Wednesday 8 December 2021

15:00​Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP, Renew Europe Vice-Coordinator for the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee

15:30​Intervention by Olivér Várhelhyi, Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood



15:45 ​​Geopolitics, security and the rule of law

Sophie In’t Veld MEP, Renew Europe coordinator for the Committee for Civil Liberties

Nathalie Loiseau MEP, Chair of the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence

Klemen Groselj MEP, Renew Europe Shadow Rapporteur for Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

​​Discussion and conclusions


Participants: (see next page)


Sabina Ćudić MP, Nasa Stranka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rešad Mašić, Liberalno Demockratska Stranka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Midhat Osmanbegović, Liberalno demockratska stranka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Andrija Popović, Liberalna Partija CRNE GORE, Montenegro

Ammar Borančić, Liberalna Partija CRNE GORE, Montenegro

Monika Zajkova, Liberalno-Demokratska Partija, North Macedonia

Dejan Cvetanovski, Liberalno-Demokratska Partija, North Macedonia

Emil Kirjas, Liberalno-Demokratska Partija, North Macedonia

Jovan Jovanović, Građanska platforma / Civic Platform, Serbia

Iztok Bojovic, Građanska platforma / Civic Platform, Serbia

Aris Movsesijan, Nova Stranka, Serbia

Srđan Jovanović, Nova Stranka, Serbia

Pavle Grbovic, Movement of Free Citizens, Serbia

Natan Albahari, Movement of Free Citizens, Serbia

Roman Jakic, LIBSEEN, Slovenia

Jasmina Mršo, LIBSEEN, Bosnie-Herzegovina

Donika Emini, CiviKos Platform, Kosovo

Milena Lazarević, European Policy Centre, Serbia

Strahinja Subotić, European Policy Centre, Serbia

Gledis Gjipali, European Movement, Albania

Markus Kaiser, Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Andrew Burgess, ALDE Party

Jasna Gabric, RENEW EUROPE Group in the Committee of the Regions

Johanna Lindblom, RENEW EUROPE Group in the Committee of the Regions

Julia Konowrocka, RENEW EUROPE Group in the Committee of the Regions


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