and its potential to support achieving the EU climate goals



On 14 July 2021, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a revised Regulation concerning Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF). The proposal is part of the Fit for 2030’ legislative package.

The Renew Europe Group is a driving force in the European Parliament for raised climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement, and is determined to reduce emissions, strengthen CO2 removals and enhance the natural carbon sink to achieve the climate objectives. Farmers and forest owners are in a key position to contribute to the efforts to tackle climate change, and we can bring them along in the transition by providing effective incentives.

In this webinar, the debate will focus on the accounting system foreseen and the proposed sink targets and their impacts (social, economic and environmental). The experts will also showcase best practices on the carbon removal market that already exist and explain how they work. The Commission will explain how the carbon removals from the Carbon Farming Initiative will be introduced to LULUCF accounting system. Finally, the debate will address the 2035 target of carbon neutral agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU’).


220112 LULUCF webinar webinar Twitter

15:00 Welcome by the organising MEPs Martin Hojsík, Elsi Katainen, Ivars Ijabs

15:10 Panel I - What are the pathways for realising the European carbon sink targets?

- Mr Christian Holzleitner, European Commission: accounting system & proposed sink target 310 MT

- Mr Antti Asikainen, Executive Vice President, Research, Natural Resources

Institute of Finland: Sink target, wood sourcing and biodiversity.

15:30 Panel II - Carbon removal market - sharing best practices

- Mr Christian Holzleitner, European Commission: carbon removal in the Carbon Farming Initiative and LULUCF accounting system

- Mr Ronald Vargas, Secretary of the Global Soil Partnership, Land and Water Officer, UN Food and Agriculture Organization: recommended management practices to recarbonise global soils

- Mr Antti Vihavainen, CEO, Puro Earth: carbon removal marketplace and how

it works

- Mr Wijnand Stoefs, Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch

16:10 Panel III - AFOLU and synergies with other policies (CAP, EU Soil Strategy)

- Mr Christian Holzleitner, European Commission: carbon removal target and AFOLU 2035

- Mr Thomas Kätterer, Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural

Science: the potential to reduce AGRI emissions

- Ladislav Miko, Docent in soil biology and ecology, scientist, former DG for

Health and Food Safety in the European Commission

16:40 Q&A

16:55 Conclusion and Closing Remarks