Financing transition | How can farmers achieve climate neutrality?

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Following up in the series of seminars that will set forward the liberal vision on the future of agriculture, next topic that Renew Europe will tackle is the financial aspect of the transition to more sustainable agriculture and food system.

The EU agriculture and food system is a frontrunner in climate change adaptation and mitigation and the EU sets its ambition very high to become an example to other countries. The farmers are the key to achieving climate neutrality however they need to have a financial backing from private and public sources that would allow them to fully implement their visions and innovations.

RENEW EUROPE MEPs Ulrike Müller, Martin Hlaváček, and Jérémy Decerle, together with our invited experts in the field of agriculture finances, will thoroughly investigate different financing mechanisms in our seminar, and we invite you to join us.


Opening session

15.30 Welcome & introductory remarks

15.35-16.35 Expert presentations - 15 min each

  • Mrs Antje Schwemberger-Swarovski, Managing Director of the humusCO2mp GmbH & Mr Steffen Aumüller, Finomics: Cash for Carbon - how to fuel impact initiatives… smart!
    • Introduction by Ulrike Müller
  • Mr Rocco Colucci, Planet Farms: How to (financially) stimulate the transition to sustainability in agriculture? The case of CEA / vertical farming
  • Ms Emma van de Ven, Rabobank: How carbon markets can unlock farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture
    • Introduction by Martin Hlaváček
  • Ms Jeanette Coombs-Lanot, Danone: The role of food companies in supporting the climate transition
    • Introduction by Jérémy Decerle

16.35 - 17.15 Debate and questions from the floor

17:15 - 17.30 Closing session and conclusions

17:30 - 18:00 Refreshments and discussion in the room

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