Systemic human rights violations committed by the Equatoguinean regime against the opposition

European Parliament, Brussels | Room A1E.1



Equatorial guinea landscape

After more than two decades, the European Parliament passed a resolution on Equatorial Guinea, and it did so by an overwhelming majority (more than 95% of votes in favour). Our group was behind the initiative and led the successful negotiations. This seminar intends to follow up on the text, which, inter alia, condemns the country’s barbaric repression of human rights defenders and its lack of democratic space for political opponents and government critics and demands an end to all political persecution and repression. The text also calls for sanctions and a strengthening of the protection for EU citizens and those residents in the EU who also hold Equatoguinean citizenship.

Through this seminar, along pro-democracy opponents from and experts in Equatorial Guinea, our group will consolidate its lead on the discussions on the steps post-Resolution.

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3 panels made up of experts, academics, activists and politicians, all moderated by Jordi Cañas MEP (Renew Europe), following the Chatham House rules.


1. State of play

1.1. Historical analysis

1.2. Current situation and future prospects

1.3. Equatorial Guinea's relations with China and the United States

1.4. Relations between the EU and its Member States and Equatorial Guinea: the follow-up to Resolution 2023/2552 (RSP), of 16 February

Panelists (TBC)

  • Alica Campos Serrano: historical reflection on the sources of political power in the country (confirmed).
  • Enrique Martino: current economic and political issues: transitions in oil and gas exploitation and Chinese economic-political aspect in the country (confirmed).
  • Geoffrey Jensen: US-Equatorial Guinea (confirmed).
  • - Sara Ciriza Beortegui: EU-Equatorial Guinea.

2. Democratic political opposition to the regime

2.1. Current situation after the 2022 elections.

2.2. Prospects for the future


  • Weja Chicampo (Movement for the Self-Determination of the Island of Bioko-MAIB) (confirmed)
  • Armengol Engonga (Partido del Progreso-PP) (confirmed)
  • Antonio Miko Abogo (Convergence for Social Democracy) (confirmed)
  • María Jesús Mené Bopaboté (Citizens for Innovation -CI) (confirmed)
  • Rubén Clemente Nguema Engonga Avomo (Movement for the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea - III Republic) (confirmed)

3. The human rights situation in Equatorial Guinea

3.1. Analysis of the human rights situation of the Equatoguinean people: persecution that knows no borders.

What can the international community do to put an end to the systematic violation of human rights in the country?

Panelists (TBC)

  • Juan Carlos Angue: introduction and reflection on possible actions in international bodies (confirmed).
  • Tutu Alicante: human rights situation in Equatorial Guinea.

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