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SM Equatorial Guinea Landscape

Equatorial Guinea is the world’s longest-standing dictatorship. In 1979, after taking the life of then president, Francisco Macías Nguema, Teodoro Obiang Nguema declared himself president of the country. The people of Equatorial Guinea have been deprived of their freedom for over half a century. Teodoro Obiang Nguema himself has ruled the country for over 40 years, showing a blatant disregard for the most basic human rights. He has stomped on civil and political rights and repressed civil society organisations and opposition politicians. Torture and unfair trials of those who dare speak up have been and remain commonplace.

Despite the strong hydrocarbon revenues from high production and despite the fact that the World Bank considers it an upper middle-income country, 70 per cent of Equatorial Guinea’s population still lives in poverty. It is among the top 10 worst performers in international corruption rankings according to Transparency International, and ranks 141th out of countries in Reporters Without Borders’ classification.

The political and socioeconomic situation in Equatorial Guinea was absent from the European political debate for over two decades, until Renew Europe led on a resolution (2023/2552) that was adopted with a support of 95% of the MEPs in February 2023. This Renew Europe Seminar, the second in less than 12 months, shows Renew’s firm commitment to the country. It will provide an opportunity for NEXOS, a new political platform uniting several opposition parties and leading civil society figures committed to the democratisation of the country to present their project. The event will also allow for a stocktaking exercise and a deepening of the debate on the socio-political situation in Equatorial Guinea.


16:30-16:40: Introductory remarks by Jordi Cañas MEP

16:40-17:30: First panel - NEXOS[1]: moving towards a democratic future

  • Presentation and proposals of NEXOS-GE
    Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, Chair of NEXOS
  • Following up and implementing Resolution 2023/2552 of 16 February 2023
    Donato Ndongo Biyogho
  • NEXOS’s role in the democratisation of Equatorial Guinea
    Justo Bolekia Boleka
  • Role of civil society and the international community in fostering democracy in Africa Valeria Sinisi, Project Manager at Friedrich Naumann Foundation

17:30-17:40: Q&A

17:40-17:45: Remarks by Jordi Cañas MEP

17:45- 18:15: Second panel - The socio-political situation in Equatorial Guinea

  • Weja Chicampo Puye, Vicechair of NEXOS
  • Fausta Nse Ondo Mbasogo
  • Adébayo Oumar Salaou

18:15-18:25: Q&A

18:25-18:30: Closing remarks by Jordi Cañas MEP

[1] NEXOS: political platform uniting several opposition parties and leading civil society figures committed to the democratisation of the country.


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