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During today’s hearing Executive Vice-President-designate Margrethe Vestager answered all the questions in great detail and with authority. She outlined a digital European future with fairer competition, better protecting its citizens and giving people and businesses the opportunities to fully exploit their potential.

Nicola Beer (Germany), a European Parliament Vice-President said: “Margrethe Vestager is the best woman for the job. She answered all the questions not only with great ease, but had a clear vision how to build the future of Europe with the people in the centre. A Europe where digitalisation and competition works for the people. I am very proud that she is part of the Renew Europe family.”

Renew Europe’s Vice-President Morten Lokkegaard (Denmark) added: “Vestager confirmed that she will fight to reduce the regulatory burden for Europe’s SMEs. These enterprises are the backbone of our economy. Let us give them the means to flourish!”

Stephanie Yon-Courtin (France): “She showed a deep understanding of the need to address the challenges we face with “big tech”. Big fines are not enough. We have to make sure that data is also beneficial for SMEs and the citizens themselves.”

Billy Kelleher (Ireland) stressed that it should become easier for SMEs to access affordable finance: “In Margrethe Vestager, we have a strong champion for European SMEs and start-ups. Access to capital for start-ups and the possibility to recruit and retrain talent should be an absolute priority for this Commission. These are essential for SMEs to allow them to grow and prosper, and I am confident that Margrethe will fight for them and for all European consumers.”

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