Renew Europe backs Timmermans as Executive Vice President-designate, in charge of the European Green Deal.



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The Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety welcomed positively Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President-designate, in charge of the European Green Deal. During yesterday’s three hour hearing, Renew Europe MEPs had the chance to ask him about what matters to the Group and the citizens they represent, in order to evaluate his candidacy for the proposed European Commission position. Renew Europe looks forward to working closely with Mr Timmermans to deliver the necessary transformation to a climate neutral and sustainable Europe.

Pascal Canfin, Chair of ENVI Committee, said:

"I welcome Frans Timmermans' approval by the Environment, Health and Food Safety Commission and in particular his commitment to:

- Develop a new circular economy action plan, including a ban on certain plastic packaging (end of single-use plastic packaging) and measures on microplastics.

- Launch of a vast renovation plan with a European system of guarantees,

- Fight against deforestation through the development of a European label,

- Create a transversal mechanism to ensure that cohesion funds contribute to the Just Transition,

As Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Health and Food Safety, we must now work together to ensure that President Von der Leyen's ambition becomes a reality: to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent in 2050, developing a just transition, protecting citizens' health by developing a zero pollution Europe and preserving our resources and biodiversity. »

Nils Torvalds, Coordinator of the ENVI Committee added:

“Timmermans stressed that going from a 50 percent reduction target to 55 percent would require some tough decisions. I think it will be necessary to raise the target and I’m happy that he is willing to go in this direction.”


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