US tariffs: Renew Europe stands in solidarity with Europe’s farmers and pushed this topic onto the European Parliament’s agenda



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Since October 2019, up to 25 percent tariffs "ad valorem" have been levied on high quality European agri-food products, such as wine, whisky, olive oil, or dairy products, following the WTO ruling on Airbus subsidies. The Renew Europe group had insisted on putting this topic, which will have a big impact on the EU’s agricultural sector, high on the European Parliament’s agenda. Today’s adopted resolution won broad support in Plenary. It urges the European Commission to help with easing the effects of the tariffs (e.g. by improving promotion campaigns and using the specific tools within the CAP) and to show that Europe will not abandon its farmers.

Irène Tolleret, Member of the Agriculture Committee and driver of this parliamentary initiative, said after today’s vote:

“I am glad that our initiative achieved broad support today in the Plenary. It is important that we as the European Parliament make it clear that we stand in solidarity with our farmers and food producers in Europe. Farmers should not be the victims of a non-agricultural dispute with a third country.”

“The EU must offer pragmatic solutions to the sectors concerned and should closely monitor the market in order to detect any possible disturbance. The sector is already affected by the impact of the Russian ban and is preparing for the economic fall-out from a potential UK withdrawal from the EU.”

“I call on the European Commission to implement as soon as possible the promotion improvements already announced by Commissioner Phil Hogan for the wine sector and to apply similar measures to other sectors. But above all, it is vital that the EU continues its efforts to find negotiated solutions. It can only be in everybody’s interest to have a reliable and strong transatlantic relationship.”


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