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The European Parliament has adopted a resolution today on the EU Pollinators Initiative, recognising the importance of protecting animal pollinator populations (bees, butterflies and other insects) to maintain the diversity of Europe's natural ecosystems. The resolution acknowledges that a decreasing pollinator population affects the quality and quantity of our food production and the economic returns for farmers. The significant decline in pollinator numbers in recent years is linked to a wide range of causes, including the loss of habitat, intensive use of pesticides, environmental pollution and climate change, therefore the Parliament highlights the importance of adopting a holistic approach to tackle these root causes. Renew Europe MEPs called for a more ambitious initiative, not only focusing on researching the causes and magnitude of this ecological disaster, but also to act on the known causes. Our group sees the solution as part of a transition towards low risk pesticides, better biodiversity management, and fostering win-win partnerships between beekeepers, wild pollinators, and farmers.

Frédérique Ries, Member of the Committee on Environment and Renew Europe's Shadow rapporteur commented:

"The Commission's Initiative for Pollinators is a step in the right direction, our group was strongly calling for it since 2016. The new Commission has a chance here to demonstrate it is committed to protecting our ecosystems by swiftly translating its promises into actions. We need concrete actions, now."

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