Renew Europe demands a binding EU framework for national Roma strategies



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Today, the European Parliament adopted a report on the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies, clearly stating the Parliament's contribution to the Commission's new EU Framework on Roma Equality and Inclusion Strategies that will be presented in October.

Despite positive steps at EU level to combat different forms of discrimination, everyday Romani people are still being excluded from society. They are victims of prejudice and social rejection, especially in the fields of employment, education, quality housing and participation in society. Currently there is a lack of political will and bravery to take action for a meaningful change. For Renew Europe, it is clear, the EU institutions and Member States must do more to eradicate the discrimination and anti-gypsyism Romani people face every day.

Renew Europe therefore strongly calls for a new, and most importantly, binding EU framework for national Roma Equality and Inclusion Strategies, with stronger obligations for Member States, binding objectives and targets. The previous framework for 2010-2020 lacked a strong impact, due to not being binding. At the initiative of Renew Europe, the Parliament adopted an amendment to put hard pressure on the Commission to publish the new framework under a clear binding act. Furthermore, Renew Europe supports a Roma mainstreaming policy, an inclusive mechanism to ensure equal participation of Romani people and the inclusion of Romani people in the decisions and policies that concern them. There should be no more planning and decisions taken above the head of Romani people.

MEP Anna Donáth (Momentum, Hungary), shadow rapporteur of the Report on the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies, comments:

“The Roma communities in Europe need our political and financial support, we must finally end the discrimination, exclusion and anti-gypsyism widely present today. Therefore, we called on the Commission to submit a legally binding Framework for the future. The Commission should also lead by example and establish a “Roma mainstreaming policy” in order to integrate the perspective of the Romani people to all European policies and programmes. And for being able to do so, we all need to consult with the Roma communities and make policies jointly, rather than making decisions over their heads.“

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Note to editors:

The Commission is expected to present the new Post 2020 EU Framework on Roma Equality and Inclusion Strategies on October 6th.

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