Concrete measures and clear sanctions needed against companies that harm the environment, says Renew Europe



Renew Europe insists that all existing EU environmental protection legislation should be properly implemented. The case in point: the Environmental Liability directive (ELD) that exists since 2004 and still has not fulfilled its purpose.

Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP (Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Bulgaria) shadow rapporteur in JURI Committee said:

Sadly, images of littered damns, lakes and rivers across Europe are not too unusual. Part of that is due to our own disregard to nature. But, when the environmental damage to biodiversity, water and land, happened as a result of company negligence, what happens then? Who bears the responsibility for the pollution caused?”

Renew Europe believes the time to act is now. We call on the European Commission to revise and harmonise current legislation. Rules regarding the liability of companies should be strengthened in order to reduce and prevent pollution. Victims of environmental damage need to be protected and environmental crimes should be detected, investigated and convicted.

The improved implementation will increase citizen’s trust in the European rules. It will deliver better on the original objective – to prevent and to remedy environmental damage based on the polluter-pays principle – and thus will contribute to preserving our natural resources and a better environment, better water and food for our citizens, in line with the European Green deal” continued, Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP.

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