Global Europe: a pioneering financing instrument for an ambitious development policy



Renew Europe will support the Global Europe instrument in the European Parliament during the voting session, which will take place tomorrow. Renew Europe calls on the other groups to do the same.

From payer to big player: almost EUR 80 Billion to guarantee the EU’s external actions. This unprecedented budget enables the EU to enhance its position as an important actor on the international scene”, declares Charles Goerens, Renew Europe rapporteur in DEVE Committee. The Global Europe instrument - also known as the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) - is the new core instrument of the EU’s external actions and merges most of the existing instruments into a single one. The Global Europe instrument brings clarity and will be more efficient. It will remove barriers between previous instruments, reduce administrative burdens and streamline management structures.

Renew Europe considers this new instrument as a huge step forward. Global Europe has a worldwide coverage: from Asia and the Pacific to the Americas and the Caribbean, including sub-Saharan Africa. “The Global Europe Instrument is a step forward in the financing, administering and scrutinising of the European Union’s external actions, which has an overall envelope of almost EUR 80 billion. From now on, the Global Europe Instrument will encompass all the EU’s efforts to support development of neighbouring and partner countries, build prosperity, promote democracy, good governance and human rights, preserve peace, protect the environment and fight climate change”, explains Petras Auštrevičius, Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on this file in AFET Committee. Moreover, Global Europe is also dedicated on quick response, crisis management and conflict prevention. The current context, with COVID-19 pandemic, shows us the importance and the need of for such an instrument.

Renew Europe insists on the importance to give sufficient means to this instrument in order to fulfil its purpose. The European Union must live up to its global leadership ambitions and be responsible while promoting democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is why Renew Europe will remain vigilant concerning the actions taken by the Commission and Member states in the future.

Renew Europe reminds that transparency and more scrutiny by the European Parliament must be ensured and calls on the other EU institutions to respect this necessity. The role of the European Parliament in programming, allocating financial funds and scrutinizing their use will also increase, which is a long overdue development”, adds Petras Auštrevičius.

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