Renew Europe calls for a European rapid and secure network to detect, assess and counter cyberattacks

Author: Lucian Goleanu



The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament calls on the EEAS and the European Commission to develop a comprehensive set of measures and a coherent policy on cyber security in order to enhance resilience, but also coordination on cyber defence.

Member States should significantly increase classified information sharing capacities in order to facilitate information sharing where needed and useful. This is vital to develop a rapid and secure European network to detect, assess and counter cyberattacks.

During today’s plenary debate on the state of EU cyber defence capabilities, MEPs called for increased financial and cyber defence personnel resources. Extra funding and support are also necessary in establishing and strengthening the European network of security operation centres.

To overcome paralysis in the face of hybrid threats, the EU should seek a legal solution that would provide for a right to collective defence and allow for the adoption of collective countermeasures by EU Member States on a voluntary basis.

Renew Europe MEP Urmas Paet (Estonian Reform Party), Vice-Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee and rapporteur on the state of EU cyber defence capabilities, said:

“In recent years the EU has seen a continuous growth of cyber operations conducted by state and non-state actors against EU and its Member States, revealing vulnerabilities in networks essential to European security. Also every conflict these days has a cyber element to it. It is important for the EU and its Member States to strengthen cyber resilience and to develop common cyber security and defence capabilities in order to respond to these kind of security challenges. We must enhance cooperation between EU Member States and institutions, NATO, the US and with other strategic partners.”



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