Renew Europe demands proper legal framework for methane reduction

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



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Methane is a short – lived but very strong greenhouse gas with serious health effects. In fact, it is the second biggest contributor to climate change and it accounts for 10 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Renew Europe believes much steeper reductions of methane emissions are needed to keep the EUs 2030 and long – term climate targets within reach. Rapid methane cuts can be implemented simply and cheaply. To this end, Renew Europe urges the European Commission to draw up a proper legal framework for methane reduction with binding measures, targets, incentives and support covering all the relevant sectors.

“We want the low hanging fruits of climate protection to be picked now, or they will rot the whole harvest. Methane is such low hanging fruit. The Commission has to realise that and the potential of reducing methane emission in all emitting sectors, not only energy. Reducing methane is a sure way to slow down a global warming within our lifetime. The world is moving to mitigate methane and the EU has to be the mover, not an observer.” says MEP Martin Hojsik (Slovakia), member of the ENVI committee and Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on an initiative report that has been adopted today by the European Parliament.


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