Renew Europe welcomes new package of measures to help Ukrainian refugees

Author: Caroline Rhawi



Press Release 14

Renew Europe welcomes the package of actions today proposed by the European Commission to meet the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian regime. As the number of persons fleeing Putin's bombs is constantly increasing, with over three million people already arriving in the EU, we need to use all available tools to help the Member States offer immediate assistance.

MEP Sophie in 't Veld (D66, The Netherlands), Renew Europe Coordinator in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), said:

“People’s lives have been ruined by a dreadful war they did not ask for. We must do whatever we can to let them have at least the semblance of a normal life. Their rights under EU law must become a reality in their daily lives."

The proposal announced today aims to complement the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive by enabling easy access to the education system, the labour market, health care, and all other areas that refugees are entitled to through the directive. Renew Europe especially stresses the importance of ensuring that children's rights are guaranteed and welcomes the efforts for special protection for children.

Fabienne Keller (Renaissance, France), Member of LIBE and rapporteur for the upcoming Asylum Procedure Regulation, added:

The European solidarity for refugees is in action! With this package, the EU will provide strong support to help our local communities to host refugees and deliver essential services for education, employment, housing and childcare. This way we can make reality of all the rights that refugees are entitled to under the Temporary Protection Directive.”

Adding to this, Renew supports the mobilisation of leftover EU funding from previous years to facilitate help to the Member States dealing with the influx of refugees.


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