US midterm elections show the need for a sovereign Europe



The Renew Europe Group welcomes the strong result of our allies in the Democratic Party, who beat historic trends to fend off the Republicans in key battleground seats. The radicalisation of parts of the Republican Party shows that the EU must take more responsibility for its own security and prosperity. The EU needs to enhance its open strategic autonomy and prepare for a world in which the level of American support for Ukraine and other democracies in Europe cannot be taken for granted.

Katalin Cseh MEP (Momentum, Hungary), Vice-President of Renew Europe and a member of the Parliament’s delegation for relations with the United States said:

The transatlantic alliance remains the bedrock of our security and prosperity, but recent developments within the Republican Party mean the EU must urgently take its destiny into its own hands. Renew Europe has a vision for a Europe that is Trump-proof; we need to put in place the policies and tools to autonomously protect European interests, both economically and in terms of our security.

Nicolae Ștefănuță MEP (USR, Romania), member of the European Parliament’s delegation to the United States, said:

Elections have consequences and the people have spoken. I believe for both us and the US side it is important to celebrate this: the open societies in which we live and for which we should do everything. Democracy is not only important, but fundamental. We wish to have a strong relation with the 118th Congress. The transatlantic relation is the bedrock of our security. We as Europeans are a pillar of that bedrock. It is also up to us to solidify our position, our defence our political union


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