Single Market: Modernised product standards, a victory for EU consumers and businesses

Author: Catherine Laurence Martens-Preiss



Ahead of tomorrow’s vote on the General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) as an improved and more effective legislative framework to make the single market a safer place, Renew Europe MEP Dita Charanzová (ANO, Czech Republic), Vice-President of the European Parliament and rapporteur on the General Product Safety Regulation, states:

“Toys, motor vehicles, cosmetics, clothing, and electrical appliances. These top the list of dangerous products found in the Single Market and 50% of them are products coming from China. Consumers should be able to buy from anywhere in Europe or the world, and know that the products they buy are safe. Thanks to our actions today, Europeans will be safer. Europeans will have the tools to spot dangerous products and get them removed from online marketplaces quickly. Consumers will be informed about recalls on products they brought, before it hurts them. This is an important step against those who do not sell safe products in Europe and hide in the third party seller shadows. I have no doubt after this law, there will be fewer dangerous products in Europe.”


GPSR sets free a better and safer purchase on online marketplaces. Thanks to the large scope of improvements made, consumers will be provided with an online safety net linked i.e. to new technologies, to better recall rules and to a comprehensive, consumer friendly producer responsibility. The GPSR is future-proofed, as it covers all consumers’ products, also new digital ones. Updating our product safety legislation to reflect innovations in production and trends of the global market by digitalising the market surveillance system is key for our political group.

New rules for online marketplaces will increase safety, better protect consumers and help in reaching a level playing field between the online and offline sectors, while preserving freedom of choice for consumers and the competitiveness of our economic operators. The GPSR will keep the burden for smaller economic operators proportionate and new obligations will target sectors where it is more needed. As the GPSR creates a smart single market framework for all consumer products, including non-harmonised products, the new legislation sets free better cooperation across EU borders.


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