Renew Europe demands answers on the Illegitimate wiretapping of MEP Georgios Kyrtsos

Author: Caroline Rhawi



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The Renew Europe group in the European Parliament calls on the Greek judicial system to speed up investigations into the wiretapping of its MEP Georgios Kyrtsos on the pretext that he was allegedly a threat to national security, as well as the other cases of abuse of spyware in Greece. Renew Europe repeats its condemnation that this situation falls outside the concept of the European rule of law acquis. If the court fails to take due consideration of the case, the illiberal practices of the "deep state" will undoubtedly continue.

Renew Europe MEP Georgios Kyrtsos (Greece) said:

"We ask for clarity. The Mitsotakis Government's illegal wiretapping of the opposition and targeting of journalists, such as myself, is a threat to democracy. It has very little to do with national security, it is an only disguise for gaining political control and covering up corruption.”


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