Türkiye: The EU should find a new format to cooperate with Ankara and abandon accession talks

Author: Lucian Goleanu



Turkish elections

The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament calls on the EU to find a realistic framework for cooperation with Türkiye, which could include a modernisation of the Association Agreement, in order to overcome the current stalemate.

Our Group welcomes today's adoption of the annual report on Türkiye, strongly deploring the increasing issues concerning the rule of law and the delayed ratification of Sweden’s NATO accession. Renew Europe calls on Ankara to ratify Sweden´s NATO membership immediately. When it comes to the relations with Cyprus, Türkiye must also immediately resume the negotiations for a comprehensive settlement. Moreover, we regret that Türkiye does not support sanctions against Russia, and urge Türkiye to fully ensure that circumvention of sanctions shall never take place on its territory.

It is necessary to move forward with Türkiye in a different format, as we shouldn't remain in an impasse.

MEP Malik Azmani (VVD, The Netherlands), First Vice-President of Renew Europe Group and shadow rapporteur on Türkiye, said:

“A government that does not respect the rule of law, and delays the NATO membership of EU member states, cannot be rewarded with EU membership.

We should therefore not get stuck in endless debates about accession talks. At the same time, we cannot stay in a standstill. Türkiye remains a crucial partner, for instance when it comes to trade, migration and security.

The EU and Türkiye would benefit from more cooperation. Therefore, the EU and Türkiye should find a new format to cooperate, for instance by updating the Association Agreement. It is time to get out of the cycle of endless debates, and move forward with a new format.”




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