Renew Europe will hold proposed new Climate Commissioners to account

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



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Renew Europe endorses the two proposed Commissioners-designate, Mr Hoekstra and Mr Šefčovič, and calls on them to take up their respective assignments on climate action and the Green Deal agenda and get to work. We remind both that they will be accountable to the Parliament and we expect the commitments they have made on strong environmental action to be maintained and delivered.

Renew MEP Pascal Canfin, chair of ENVI committee said:

“The answers that Mr. Hoekstra and Mr. Šefčovič gave to our questions have been judged positively. The fact that crucial new elements came to the table, such as a clear timeline for pending legislation and clarity on the 2040 climate target ultimately made the decisive and substantial difference in being able to forge a broadly supported approval for both candidates. We will keep delivering on the Green Deal. "

Renew Europe MEP Nils Torvalds, Renew ENVI coordinator said:

”The bad habit of taking hostages - as now in the cases of EPP and S&D - could have created a detrimental outcome with no apparent winner. Therefore, I am happy that Renew has played a constructive role and avoided a blockage of the nomination process. Now it is time for Mr Hoekstra and Mr Šefčovič to get to work building a greener Europe. Renew Europe will hold these Commissioners to account as delivering a climate neutral Europe is our priority. In the past days, they have committed to an ambitious and science-based 2040 target, on the phase out of fossil fuels and fossil fuel subsidies and they must deliver. Renew Europe notes that Vice – President Šefčovič has given some more clarity on the upcoming work programme but we call on the Commission to deliver on all the outstanding elements of the Green Deal.”


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