Renew Europe’s Polska 2050 holds the keys to Poland’s return to the heart of Europe



PR on Polish elections

Renew Europe is today celebrating the confirmed results of national elections in Poland. The results, combined with a huge turnout, mark a decisive turning point in Polish democratic history, in particular considering the elections took place on an uneven playing field, due to the illiberal electoral tactics of the PiS party.

We congratulate Szymon Holownia & our sister party Polska 2050 for their outstanding results. They demonstrate a third way is possible & that a drift to illiberalism at the hands of a right-wing populist party is reversible. Centrists are now the kingmakers. Also our political family party, Nowoczesna, contributes to that success by having their representatives elected. The Polish people made a clear choice for democracy & European integration. In the coming days and weeks, we call on the Polish President and Polish institutions to respect the democratic choices of the Polish citizens.

President of Renew Europe Group, Stéphane Séjourné, said:

We are witnessing the democratic rebirth of Poland and our centrist sister party Polska 2050 holds the keys to their return to the heart of Europe. I congratulate Szymon Holownia and his party as well as Adam Szłapka, and his party, Nowoczesna; we will stand by their side at this new era for Poland at the heart of the European Union. We call on the Polish President and the institutions of Poland to respect the democratic choices made by the Polish people.”

Renew Europe MEP and leading member of Polska 2050, Róża Thun, said:

“We are back to Europe! This was a victory for democracy with a more-than-expected result for Polska2050. Polish citizens have had their say - they want proeuropean government. The victory of democratic forces is very clear, and we have never witnessed such a high participation. We need a strong Europe with a strong democratic Poland. A huge challenge now lays ahead of us. We have to rebuild democracy, restore the rule of law and make the media and other institutions free and independent. It is not only important for the Poles, but as the European Union as a whole.”


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