A geopolitical Europe working for peace between Israel and Palestine is the only way forward

Author: Lucian Goleanu



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The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament condemns in the strongest possible terms the despicable terrorist attacks by the terrorist group Hamas against Israel and expresses its support to the State of Israel and its people. The terrorist organisation Hamas must be stopped and all people held hostages by the terrorists must be immediately and unconditionally released.

We also call on Israel to act in compliance with international law, humanitarian law and call on all regional partners to aim for de-escalation. The humanitarian situation in Gaza deserves urgent attention. We condemn the attack on the Episcopal Hospital of Al-Ahli. Attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure, including UN workers, medical workers and journalists, is a serious violation of international law, whoever commits it.

The President of Renew Europe Group, Stéphane Séjourné, said:

“The absolute barbarity of Hamas's atrocities against Israeli civilians has shaken each and every one of us. We stand by the Israeli people, just as the Israeli people have stood by us in the face of terrorism, while we also need to ensure the safety of the Palestinian civilian population of the Gaza Strip. One life is not worth more than another and I welcome the diplomatic efforts to create humanitarian corridors and the tripling of financial aid to refugees.

Any initiative that will eventually lead to a two-state solution based on the 1967 agreement, with two sovereign, democratic states living in peace will have our support. The haphazard bungling of recent weeks must stop. The Israelis and Palestinians need a reliable, clear and united Europe. Geopolitical Europe is not a partisan playground, but a prerequisite for the protection of our people and our values. If we want to be a constructive player, it is up to us to rise to the occasion.”

MEP Hilde Vautmans (Open Vld, Belgium), Renew Europe Group’s coordinator in the Foreign Affairs Committee, who led the negotiations on the resolution, added:

“Enough words have been exchanged, now we need action. We must support Israel to stop Hamas, provide full humanitarian support to the Palestinian population, and renew the peace process. Then we will show ourselves as a real geopolitical Union, as opposed to the cacophony of the past few days.”




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