Renew Europe calls for joint action to combat non – communicable diseases

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier




European healthcare systems are coming under increasing pressure due to the size and scope of non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders or cancer. NCDs cause 90% of all deaths and are the leading cause of preventable premature casualties. The challenge for the entire European Union is to take all actions needed to reduce and prevent the prevalence of NCDs.

Renew Europe therefore embraces today’s plenary adoption of the SANT report on tackling NCDs. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Renew rapporteur Erik Poulsen, European policy makers are putting forward an ambitious call for a joint and decisive approach to combat NCDs across the EU.

The merit of this report is that it covers all aspects of NCDs, from better prevention focusing on the four preventable risk factors : tobacco use, unhealthy diet , lack of physical activity and harmful use of alcohol, better diagnosis and patient empowerment to a strong call for firm investments in research and innovation. As healthcare is increasingly focusing on preventing and predicting diseases, in addition to curing and treating them, it is therefore appropriate to set up platforms that share best practices between Member States.

MEP Erik Poulsen (Venstre, Denmark) Renew rapporteur for the file on NCD’s said: "NCDs are a major challenge to the European health systems and the labour market due to productivity loss, which can increase labour shortage. We need to take action to prevent premature deaths, improve quality of lives of citizens and ensure EU’s competitiveness. In this regard, it is important to identify high-risk populations, improve healthcare and patient empowerment and foster innovation in technology and medicines with robust intellectual property rights and regulatory data protection among other tools. It is also important to strengthening awareness, research and knowledge sharing via the exchange of best practices. In this regard the Parliament today suggests creating NCD partnerships and further research on NCD comorbidities and management."


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