Renew Europe secures European Parliament debate on empowering farmers

Author: Vincent Stuer



Farmers protest landscape

In response to the growing concerns of our European farmers, Renew Europe has today secured a debate during next week’s plenary session in Strasbourg on empowering farmers and rural communities.

The Renew Europe Group recognises the need for a broader public debate on the future of sustainable European agriculture. Our Members have begun internal discussions to identify the key areas in which Europe can do more to support farmers in simplifying administrative procedures and in getting a fair price for their products.

In the past years, Renew Europe has been at the forefront of creating a sustainable future for our farmers. We pushed for a structural modernisation of the common agricultural policy to combine agricultural production and economic competitiveness with social and environmental objectives. We believe that farmers are part of the solution to achieve our climate and environmental goals.

The Commission’s recommendation to delay set-aside rules and empower agriculture in times of geopolitical turmoil are welcome steps, but the real debate on the future of sustainable and economically viable agriculture has only started. Parliament should take a leading role in that. Renew Europe certainly will.

President of Renew Europe, Valérie Hayer (Renaissance, France), said:

"We stand in solidarity with Europe’s farmers. The truth is clear: No farmers, no food. Our farmers are the cornerstone of our way of life and our environment. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing and their prosperity is our prosperity. The distress we hear from farmers should be taken seriously, which is why I am delighted our proposal for a debate on farmers and rural communities has been added to the agenda of the European Parliament next week. Farmers are not accountants, so we need to do more to simplify EU rules for our farmers and to tackle red tape!”




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