EUCO must reject Viktor Orbán’s veto on Ukraine aid

Author: Catherine Laurence Martens-Preiss



Orban veto landscape

Ahead of the special meeting of the European Council, convened to agree a new EU financing plan, including the Ukraine facility, Renew Europe repeats its call for an end to Viktor Orbán’s blackmail and investment in a stronger, more sovereign European Union.

President of Renew Europe, Valérie Hayer, said:

“The European Union is not a cash machine that can be held ransom by one person. Providing Viktor Orbán with a new, cyclical veto on Ukraine aid would open the door to continued blackmail and undermine the EU as much as the Ukrainians! We call on European leaders to do what is necessary to secure unconditional long-term support for Ukraine. The autocrats of the world are watching Europe: our determination to preserve EU values must prevail!’’

Other key priorities for the Group include funding for the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform, STEP, and ensuring the long-term budget has enough flexibility and means for the repayment of the debts of the Union, without making cuts in order to not jeopardise key EU programmes.

On MFF, President Valérie Hayer said:

“The MFF is about funding the tools that will benefit our citizens and make the EU stronger. A well-funded Union is one that is able to deal with joint challenges, from migration to solidarity and emergency aid. With STEP, EU sovereignty needs to get stronger and be financed: reducing our strategic dependencies and boosting investments in critical sectors is an imperative step forward!’’

On the day of this special European Summit, farmers have gathered in several EU countries to call on national and EU leaders to cut red tape and hear their wishes. Without European farmers, there would be no food for Europeans. Renew Europe has successfully obtained a debate at the next Strasbourg plenary session on the empowerment of farmers and rural communities.


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