European Union - Chile: an exemplary framework for cooperation

Author: Hugues Stéphane Beaudouin




Renew Europe welcomes the European Parliament's vote in favour of the Advanced Framework Agreement and the Interim Trade Framework Agreement between the European Union and Chile.

The 2002 Association Agreement has been modernised to open our relations to new areas, to be in line with the most advanced standards in areas related to, among others, environmental protection, labour rights, gender equality & human rights.

It will eliminate most of the remaining tariffs and create significant new opportunities for economic growth and sustainable development. By ensuring equal treatment to investors from both sides, the agreement will incentivise mutual investments, including in strategic sectors such as renewable energies and raw materials such as lithium and hydrogen for which Chile is a major supplier.

We have also secured the inclusion of a dedicated chapter on gender, SMEs, a new standalone chapter on Sustainable Food Systems and obtained commitments on new market access for both sides for services and public procurement and protection on 216 European geographical indications.

On the political side, the agreement recognises the geopolitical significance of strong bi-regional relations between the EU and Chile. It reflects many of our recommendations by including robust provisions on democracy and rule of law. It strengthens political cooperation on foreign matters and calls for deepening of cooperation on defence, security and migration issues.

Among other achievements, one major satisfaction for Renew Europe is the mutual determination to reinforce our cooperation in the fight against climate change by, notably, aligning the Agreement with the EU Green Deal. We also note the commitment to respect the International Labour Organization conventions in particular the right to free, prior and informed consent by indigenous people.

Soraya RODRIGUEZ (Ciudadanos, Spain), EP rapporteur for AFET, said:

“The European Parliament’s consent to the renewed EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement opens a new chapter in our bilateral relations with a key partner.

The agreement puts sustainable development, human rights, the protection of biodiversity and the environment, consumer protection, gender equality, and responsible and fair trade at the core of EU-Chile relations. This landmark agreement creates a truly enhanced partnership with deeper political and economic cooperation.”

Samira RAFAELA (D66, Netherlands), EP rapporteur for INTA, said :

“It's truly an immense privilege to see the approval of this trade agreement by the European Parliament. This landmark agreement introduces innovative elements such as a pioneering Gender and Trade chapter, a comprehensive Trade and Sustainability chapter, and provisions acknowledging the rights of indigenous peoples.
With this agreement, we have shown that trade can indeed be responsible and fair. We have been waiting for this modern and progressive agreement for a long time. In today's world, it is important that we collaborate with like-minded partners. To facilitate the energy transition, to create more jobs, to protect human rights, and to ensure security.”


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