Clarity, simplification, modernisation: Renew Europe shapes EU maritime safety

Author: Yannick Laude



TRAN maritime accident

Ensuring clarity and consistency with international rules and procedures concerning the control of ships by the port State and compliance with the obligations of flag States, extending the fight against maritime pollution : all legislative acts of the Maritime Safety package strengthening maritime safety are now adopted following today's vote in the plenary session of the European Parliament meeting in Brussels. Renew Europe played an active role in this legislative procedure, ensuring that unnecessary bureaucracy is avoided, notably through the digitalisation of the maritime sector, and that a level playing field for the European fleet is guaranteed.

Caroline NAGTEGAAL (VVD, Netherlands), rapporteur on the directive establishing the fundamental principles governing the investigation of accidents in the maritime transport sector and Renew Europe shadow rapporteur of the regulation on the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA ), said : "With the necessary revision of the Accident Investigation Directive we ensure safety at our seas – for both seafarers and fisheries. Our Renew Europe Group made sure that EU rules are in line with international IMO legislation and accidents involving container loss at sea should be addressed with this revision. In this context, the supporting role of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in ensuring regular trainings to the investigation authorities is essential and in this regard, as a Group we insisted for an increased role of EMSA."

Pierre KARLESKIND (Renaissance, France), Renew Europe shadow rapporteur for the Port State Control Directive and the Flag State Compliance Directive, added: Safe ships are key for a safe sea. Setting a minimum of investigated ships, reinforcing inspection standards and making ship-risk profile more thorough are amongst the evolutions that we will see in the upcoming years. We need to ensure an efficient and harmonised approach to carrying out inspections. 80% of issues on board are based on human error. I am therefore proud that an accent has been put on living and working conditions of seafarers. Respecting these conditions is a key tool to ensure we limit human error”.

Bergur Løkke RASMUSSEN (Moderaterne, Denmark), Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on the directive on pollution caused by ships concluded: I am pleased that as the negotiator for the Renew group on the Ship Pollution Directive, I have been able to ensure that Europe now has a strengthened legal framework for identifying and penalizing ship pollution. We all need to do better to protect the environment, and this is a positive step in the green direction. Additionally, I am pleased that the EU Commission will now explore options to improve satellite monitoring of container loss so they don't just float around in the sea".


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