Renew Europe ready to build a pro-European coalition to modernise the European Union, if our ambitions are matched

Author: Clara De Melo Ponce



Valerie HAYER

Following the announcement of European election results across Europe, the liberal and centrist Renew Europe Group has pledged to be in the driving seat of a new pro - European coalition in the European Parliament, with the goal of modernising and reforming the Union, if our ambitions are matched by other pro-Europeans.

Enhancing European security, ensuring prosperity for all in society including cutting red tape for businesses, defending democratic institutions, the Rule of Law and reform of European institutions are central to who we are.

Valérie Hayer, President of Renew Europe, said:

“These results show that no pro-European majority in the European Parliament is possible without us. We are ready to be in the driving seat of a pro-European coalition if our conditions and ambitions are matched. A coalition of chaos involving the political extremes, who are hopelessly divided, is a recipe for stagnation and paralysis. A stronger Europe in a changing world can only be built from the political centre.”

“We are optimistic for the future and see green shoots for liberals, democrats and centrists in many countries. The rise of the far - right in some countries is an alarm that must be taken seriously if we want to preserve Europe. Voters of many persuasions feel frustration with the Union of today, which is why we need to listen and reform Europe so it is prepared for a world that is changing before our eyes. Prosperity, security and stronger democracy are our watchwords.”


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