Renew Europe welcomes Les Engagés and Yvan Verougstraete MEP

Author: Clara De Melo Ponce



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From left to right: Maxime Prévot (President of Les Engagés), Valérie Hayer (President of Renew Europe Group), François Bayrou (President of the European Democratic Party), Yvan Verougstraete (newly elected MEP), and Sandro Gozi (Secretary General of the European Democratic Party).

The Renew Europe Group has expanded today after confirmation that newly elected MEP Yvan Verougstraete, with the centrist, progressive force from Belgium, Les Engagés, will join us, the most pro-European political family in this house.

Valérie Hayer, President of Renew Europe, said:

"We are delighted to welcome Les Engagés and Yvan Verougstraete MEP to the most pro - European, modern, ambitious family in the European Parliament. As a progressive, centrist powerhouse, les Engagés have today found their true home. We are the innovators, ready to shape a new European Union fit for the challenges of the twenty first century: Competitiveness, Defence and Rule of Law are our DNA."

Yvan Verougstraete MEP, said:

"We've decided to answer the call from the European Democratic Party, which sits in the Parliament in the Renew Europe group, and represent the humanist and most progressive wing there. It's also a question of honesty towards voters and citizens. We're proud of the work accomplished within the EPP itself, where our MEP's voice has regularly stood out and moved internal lines. But we have to admit that since our re-founding, the accents carried by the EPP correspond less to us."


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