Valérie Hayer re-elected as President of Renew Europe

Author: Catherine Laurence Martens-Preiss



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During today’s inaugural meeting of the Renew Europe Group following the European elections, MEPs re-elected Valérie Hayer as President of Renew Europe, by acclamation.

The Renew Europe Group is now formally constituted and will prioritise the negotiation of an ambitious and radical pro-European programme for the next term of the Parliament and the incoming European Commission.

MEPs adopted a Charter during the constitutive meeting defining the group’s core principles as the most pro-European movement in European politics, with a focus on European defence and security, competitiveness, the defence of the rule of law, the protection of individual rights and the need to enhance European sovereignty.

Commenting on her re-election, Valérie Hayer, President of Renew Europe, said:

"I thank my colleagues for their trust and support. We are full of ambition and ideas about how to build a stronger Europe that improves the lives of everyone in society. Renew Europe is determined to be a vanguard of pro-European values at the centre of the European Parliament. In this new mandate, Renew Europe will be the Parliament's radical pro-European innovators."

Meeting tomorrow morning, Renew Europe MEPs are expected to elect eight Vice-Presidents, including a First Vice-President.

Valérie Hayer, President of Renew Europe, said:

"With new members joining and an exciting team of Vice Presidents, Renew Europe sends a signal of strength and unity; this new horizon will bring a new dynamism to the pro-European coalition in Parliament.
While campaigning for positive change and the advancement of rights, we will lead opposition to the plague of political and economic populism that is infecting European politics and show the power of European unity. The Europe of tomorrow cannot be built by economic or political populism."


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