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The liberal, democrat and centrist Renew Europe parliamentary group is currently meeting in Vienna, in coordination with its Austrian member party NEOS. Adopting its Vienna declaration, a few months before key European elections, Renew Europe has pledged to lead a pro- European counter-narrative to protect liberal democracy, defend the rule of law and fundamental rights and reduce administrative burdens for businesses.

Renew Europe rules out a cosy relationship with the far-right or far-left, now or after the European elections and calls on the EPP and Socialist groups to take responsibility and adhere to the mid-term coalition agreement they signed, in order to deliver the Green deal and a series of reform for citizens. The declaration calls for the Schengen-area to be extended to Romania and Bulgaria, for institutional reform after the Conference on the Future of Europe.

President of Renew Europe, Stéphane Séjourné said in Vienna:

"We call on pro-European parties in the European Parliament to reject populism and cooperation with the extreme right or left. Our partners must return to our mid-term coalition agreement and deliver for citizens. The political landscape is becoming increasingly polarised, but we know the Europe of tomorrow will be built from the political centre. We will lead a counter-narrative on behalf of pro-europeans to deliver a more effective European Union.’’


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