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Renew Europe, in partnership with Democratic Society, has brought the Conference on the Future of Europe to all corners of our Union.

Our EU Discussion Tables gathered a broad diversity of voices and ideas from all around Europe to serve as an input from liberal, centrists and progressive supporters of the European project.

Between October 2021 and March 2022 we consulted citizens directly in 23 Member States and in more than 40 European cities as well as on our collaborative platform - matching the schedule of the institutional COFOE process.

Initial discussions kicked off an all 9 major topics of the Conference - participants ranked and voted on 3 key topics for further deliberation.

Participative workshops took place in over European 30 locations - with around 300 participants in total exploring further 3 main selected topics:

  • Democracy and Rule of Law
  • Climate & Environment
  • EU in the World

On 26 March 2022 a final plenary event took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg - with 100 citizen ambassadors from across the EU.

The series of participative workshops was an opportunity for citizens from different backgrounds to collaborate and voice their opinions at an EU-level, and engage directly with the MEPs representing them.


Citizens' input was considered by our Members in the final discussion phase of the Conference, when together with the Council and Commission, they prepare wide-ranging reforms of the EU including changing the Treaties.

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