Crisis of the WTO appellate body: The EU must use all its means to prevent a paralysis of the WTO



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Renew Europe calls on the European Parliament to send a strong signal today in Plenary by supporting a joint call to stop the deadlock within the WTO’s Appellate Body and to urge the European Commission to deal with this issue as a priority. Following the US’ administrations lack of appointment of judges to the WTO’s Appellate Body and its blocking of the replacement of any members, the Appellate Body will cease to be operational after 10 December 2019, when the mandates of two of three remaining Appellate Body members will expire. Renew Europe stresses that the WTO and its Bodies have to be operational in order to be able to work for multilateralism, an inclusive world economic order and an open, rules-based and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system, which is in everybody’s interest.

MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, shadow on this file, said ahead of today’s vote on the resolution:

“The WTO is going through an unprecedented crisis and I am extremely concerned about the situation. By blocking the dispute settlement system, our multilateral system is diminished and weakened.”

“We have always supported multilateralism and rules-based international trade. The WTO is the cornerstone of the multilateral trading system. The EU must use all its means to prevent its paralysis. We must be vigilant and continue our efforts to find a solution.”


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